“ The Highest Standard of Health is a Fundamental Human Right of Every Human Being. “ 

World Health Organization


More than 50% of doctors have left the country since 2014. Hospitals struggle to afford basic equipment, medicine or even access to clean water. In the country, almost 8 out of 10 Venezuelans don’t have continuous access to safe drinking  water or basic sanitation, which further burdens health services. Sadly, the vicious cycle doesn’t end there. 

Economic crisis has shattered the foundations of public health in Venezuela

Malnutrition adds further strain. A healthy food basket costs a family of four $500 a month, well above the average wage of $175. As a result, the UN estimates that 1 in 3 families are “food insecure” and  26% of children malnourished. They now suffer the consequences through long-term damage to muscle, cardio-respiratory, and gastrointestinal functions, weakened immune systems, poor brain development, and psychosocial disorders.


We work through our various programmes to develop long-term sustainable solutions to tackle some of the worst health-related problems facing Venezuelans. Directly and alongside our partners, we regularly monitor the results and adapt our programmes to ensure real change for those most in need.

Our Programmes

Junior Doctor Sponsorship

The sponsorship programme gives $50 monthly to every junior doctor who  passes our selection process. Each doctor sees, on average, 100 patients a month. Support for their training is conditional on them remaining in Venezuela for two years after qualifying. So far, more than 400 doctors who have received our sponsorship have graduated. Help us sponsor more doctors so poor Venezuelans can get the urgent medical care they need.

Some of the hospitals that we work with are:

Hospital Vargas (Caracas)

Maternidad Concepción Palacios (Caracas)

JM de los Ríos (Caracas)

Hospital Universidad de Los Andes (Mérida State)

Hospital Clínico Universitario (Caracas)

Hospital Luis Ortega (Nueva Esparta State)

Hospital Luis Razetti (Anzoategui State)

Soneivi Henriques Student

“It helps cover my expenses, such as food and transportation, which makes it easier to go to work. That reduces the stress and worry, and I can focus on my patients”.

Malnutrition Prevention

Since 2018, healing Venezuela, in partnership with the community, has been providing two healthy cooked meals and a healthy snack a day for 100 children in the remote village of Guaraunos in the state of Sucre. The aim of this programme is to eradicate malnutrition in the village, improve children’s health and encourage school attendance. Continuous assessment of the programme has shown extremely positive results. Children’s health is now on the rise, school attendance has soared, and the community is on the road to food self-sustainability. Help us support more children.
Pedro Father

“ I would like to thank everyone who put their heart into this program as many children are benefiting. My one-year-old daughter is one of them and thanks to Healing Venezuela her health has improved dramatically.”

Water Sanitation

The lack of clean water is made all the more tragic by the fact that Venezuela actually ranks in the top 15 countries with renewable water resources. That’s why Healing Venezuela decided to act. Since 2018, we have donated and installed six water sanitation plants in hospitals. As a result, more than 50,000 people can access safe drinking water every year, and crucial medical procedures have become safer. Babies no longer suffer from waterborne infections, and both staff and visitors can have access to drinking water. Help us deliver more clean water.

Ana Rosa Colmenares Doctor

“Since we received the water treatment plant, our patients, relatives and staff have drinking water. This has significantly decreased the incidence of sepsis in the pre-discharge area. We no longer have newborn babies getting infections due to contaminated water."

Hospital Improvements

We provide vital support to severely underinvested hospitals helping the most vulnerable to receive life-saving medical treatment. With our partners inside Venezuela and outside, we source badly needed medical equipment and provide facility maintenance and management. This programme has transformed the work of the hospitals we support. Your donations mean we can help many more.


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