Our Story

In 2014, a handful of Venezuelans living in Britain decided to do something extraordinary about the health crisis in Venezuela. They banded together, collecting and sending essential medicine. From this moment, Healing Venezuela was born! As the humanitarian crisis deepened, so did the support. By 2016, Healing Venezuela was already registered as a charity in England & Wales. Today, Healing Venezuela is classified as an Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO), working from 4 different locations with over 30 volunteers, and helping hundreds of thousands of Venezuelans.

Throughout this time, Healing Venezuela has never wavered from its core principles: to provide life saving aid to Venezuela. With just 5% of our income going towards administration, the rest goes  directly to those who need help. The organisation’s strict non-political affiliation, adds to its reach. Healing Venezuela is proud to be working with partners across various states within Venezuela. Above all, Healing Venezuela is a charity run by volunteers, with a clear PLAN – EXECUTE – MEASURE – IMPROVE framework  to ensure long-lasting success.

Our People

⋆ UK Team ⋆

Cinzia De Santis

Cinzia De Santis

Chairwoman & Founder

Prof. Alejandro Arenas

Senior Medical Advisor

Thania Cao

Sustainable Projects

⋆ Venezuelan Team ⋆

Andrés Ortiz

Chief Medical Officer

Miglene López

National Project Coordinator

⋆ Our Ambassadors Around The World ⋆

Ernesto Calzadilla

Goodwill Ambassador

Jemelin Artigas

Goodwill Ambassador

Our Partners

Contact us

There are many ways to contact us, through social media, subscribing to our email list, or writing to us directly at:

[email protected]